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Fuzhou Daihei Ink Co., Ltd regards our product’s quality as the most significant concern as the future development of company, we always focus on quality control and safety guarantee, advanced equipment and preciseinstrument for experiment & test are brought step  by step from Switzerland, Germany, Japan and USA. Those includes experimental reactor for producing phenolicresin, alkyd resin, small hydraulic three roller machine, DM detector, densimeter, gloss meter, Printing viscous instrument, emulsifying equipment, color-exhibition machine, falling-ball viscometer, and test equipment for heavymetal, halogen and PAHs.

We gather excellent R&D team consisting by domestic and overseas experts for more than 20 years experience in researching ink industry. Ink producing and managing team are formed by experienced managers and skillful worker as well. Scientific and rigorous attitude is always our way to control quality and guarantee safety, only in such situation, the unqualified product could not be seen in the market.